What is the ARMedONE?

The ARMedONE is a pc/server mainboard housing up to 28 Compute Modules like Nvidia Jetson, Raspbery PI CM3/4 or many more.

While providing all this space the Board contains the dimensions of the E-ATX formfactor. So we made sure it’ll fit in every E-ATX PC Case on the market and even in Rack-Servers, too.

This saves enourmous amounts of space while packing as much “horse power” (CPU/RAM/GPU-Cores) on the E-ATX sizes.


Enormous power on small footprint

Houses up to 28 Compute Modules without exceeding the E-ATX standard! Fits in every PC Tower and even server racks.

Easy to use

All 28 Modules are powered by one PSU and one ethernet cable. No need to fiddle with a lot of cables.

Build to last

Sustainabiltiy is the key to us. ARMedONE is built to work with every SO-DIMM Compute Module. A new Module appears on the market? Just slide it in and start working.

Fastest integrated network on the market

Data needs to be fast! Especially between the compute modules while working as machine learning cluster or rendering cluster.
All 28 Compute Modules are able to communicate with 3Gbit with each other!


ARMedONE is just the beginning! We plan to enhance the board multiple times, based on the feedback of the awesome community.

small board with endless possibilities

ARMedONE - Frontside

All IO you'll ever need

Plenty of usecases

and many more

Compatible Compute Modules

every SO-DIMM compatible Module works!

Who did it?

We are ARES Blockchain GmbH, a fast growing company in lovely duisburg town - germany.
We develop Hardware & Software to make our lives and the lives of other Techies easier.

Oh! And we love Blockchain, too!

Baldusstraße 13
47138 Duisburg


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